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When someone receives his or her inheritance, it often involves real estate. Usually this property and land will hold a different value than when it was left behind originally, creating a need for appraisal services. An increase in the number of living trusts and similar documents result in an attorney’s need for appraisals.

McLamb & Associates, Inc. has provided reliable and accurate appraisals for attorneys for more than 25 years. We have quickly become the first choice for our clients in Wilmington, NC and the surrounding areas. Our reports are trusted and compiled with professional excellence that is second to none.

The rising number of individuals reaching retirement age will ultimately lead to an increased need for appraisals so attorneys can determine the value of the estates they leave behind. Other companies are in such a rush to capitalize on this need that they place inexperienced and careless representatives in the field. The result is inaccurate appraisal reports that have not been thoughtfully compiled.

Once submitted, appraisals for attorneys must withstand highly stringent legal scrutiny. Careless reports are quickly sniffed out, and attorneys discover just how much money and time has been wasted. We are here to provide an alternative. Our reports can always be trusted for accuracy and professionalism.

Those going through a divorce may also need appraisals for attorneys to determine the value of their real estate holdings before proceeding. Accurate appraisals are the only way to ensure both parties receive their shares.

Allow us to deliver appraisals of the highest quality to you. We are determined to go above and beyond to stand out among our competition. We will work hard to meet any deadline, and our prices are highly competitive. Consult us for the leading appraisal services in town!

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